Updated: Dec 15, 2020

For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m not great out in nature. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love looking at nature and being among it from the comfort of a clean and completely sealed dwelling or vehicle. What I dislike are the things that come with nature such as dirt, itchy grass and bugs! I am a big target for mossies. So much so, that I act as a bug deterrent to anyone within a 2m radius of me. So the thought of camping out with the hoards of mossies, flies and other bugs that come with nature, terrified me.

I enjoyed camping as a kid and teenager, but as I have become older, I have developed a great need to keep everything spotlessly clean and bug/spider free. After years of Tim insisting we camp with kids, I finally agreed about 2 years ago. Our first camping trip with the boys was with some good friends of ours, who also have 3 boys of a similar age. We went to Glenworth Valley, pitched up our tents on a field with no power for 2 nights in the middle of winter. Surprisingly, we all had an absolute ball and decided that camping was a great thing for our family. From then on, all our camp trips had been during the cooler months so thankfully I never had to deal with the bug issue!

Aside from the bugs, there is the dirt issue. When we camp, everyone is completely filthy. The boys are as happy as pigs in mud and I flip out about how to keep it out of our tent.

I realise I’m a complete freak when it comes to cleanliness and bugs, but I am starting to deal with it. The more we go camping, the more I let go a little, which is probably therapeutic and good for me.

So with me being such a nature lover, how did we end up making the decision to do the lap of Aus?

We have a few friends who have taken their kids out of school for a few months to travel around Aus and experience what this amazing country has to offer. I was in complete awe at them, so excited for them, but thinking that it was something I could never bring myself to do. Not just because you would be in nature every single day 😉, but what about work, what about school, what about the boys extra-curricular activities, what about our house etc etc.

The beginning of this year we had made a decision to sell our home and move to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Covid sorted out the barrier of work, and extra-curricular activities. We were running out of excuses. After a fair bit of Instagram inspiration, I made the crazy suggestion to Tim that instead of moving to Queensland, finding a job and putting the boys into a new school, why don’t we do something crazy and buy a caravan and travel Aus. He thought I was pulling his leg, as neither of us thought those words would ever leave my lips. He then set into action to make sure we could get going before I changed my mind. A couple of months later, after a lot of stress and delays (thanks Covid), we finally picked up our van, had more delays, and then eventually set of on our trip beyond our bubble!

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