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Today we went to the zoo in Dubbo there were 3 counties, Africa Australia and Europe. We did all of them. There was a hailstorm when we were at the elephants and watched them bathe in a little pool they had. They were huddling around the baby trying and failing to keep the baby elephant in freezing cold water. Later they were running around fast and trumpeting they were really happy about the rain. Later we saw some Otters ready bens blog about that, and meercats ready Harrys. I made some new friends called Axel and jack.


We went to an old Dubbo gaol that was built before the gold rush it was kind of sad that you could be arrested for not having a house or a job there was a seventeen year old boy who was a arrested for steeling a horse then he collected sticks and put them under his sheet put his hat over were his head should be and put boots at the end of his bed. Then he started coughing, the officer came in and he made a run for it he escaped and stole another horse and was not caught for a week (world record) but then was caught again. there was another man who tried to escape he was arrested for stealing milk he waited for his time to be over and on his free day he went to a bar and bought some milk. Later that day a security guard spotted him on the roof and said what are you doing up there I got lonely and wanted to visit my mate bob. He was arrested for breaking into a Australian prison and went back to Gaol.

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