• Ryan


In Coonabarabran we went on a bush walk and did some four wheel driving to get there. On the bush walk we saw a Barkwala, which is a koala made of bark. All it does is sit on a tree and look like a koala. I saw one first.


We went stargazing with Donna the Astronomer . We saw the moon like we were standing on it and I learnt that Earth is traveling 107,000 km/h!!!!!! and that Venus is 400 degrees!!!!! There was this massive telescope called the beast. but it was broken so we couldn’t look through it. this is what it looked like.


We saw a dog named Sunny and when we were going to go on a bush walk. Sunny walked past us as in saying come on this way, so we followed her and then she stopped at a dam and had a swim.


We went and did some pottery at the main building first I made a face then I made a tortoise. Harry also made a tortoise and Ben only made a face. We saw a pro making a pottery building outside. There was a real sized dolphin it was also made of pottery it was hollow.

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